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At St Stephen’s Primary, safety is an important part of our school ethos.

As technology is playing a bigger part in our children’s lives, we now need to ensure they are aware of the risks involved and are staying safe when using all forms of information and communication technology to access the internet, view content and contact other people, including: computers, tablet computers, games consoles and mobile phones.

Please follow these guidelines below and take a look at the links in the ‘Family Internet Safety’ section to help us in safeguarding your children whilst using these devices at home. Tips for safe use of information and communication technology at home: Make sure you know what your child is doing when using devices including: computers, tablet computers, games consoles and mobile phones. All of these devices can be used to access the internet so your children should always be supervised when using them. Children in primary school should not have any of the devices listed above in their bedroom.

1.     Make sure that internet filters, parental locks and safe search features are switched on to ensure computers and smart phones can only access age-appropriate sites and content. Check with service providers or manufacturers for more details of how to do this.

2.    If your child communicates with others on the internet e.g. using MSN Messenger, chat or blogging sites or through online games that they play, make sure you know who they are in contact with. You must speak to your children about what they are doing on the computer and who they communicate with online so that you know they are safe.

4.  Primary school children should not have profiles on social media. Please remember that Facebook states; ‘If you are under 13, you are not allowed to use the site.’ Please ensure that your child does not have access to a Facebook page or any other social media profile.

5. All content viewed by your children should be suitable for their age group. Always check age ratings of games that they are playing and content that they are viewing. If it is not age-appropriate then you should say no. You should also ensure that you are not viewing unsuitable content or playing unsuitable games in front of your children. 




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