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Illness and Accidents

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Parents are responsible for the administration of medicines to their children. If a child requires medicine in the middle of the day, the school carries out the following procedures:


·         Request that the child goes home at lunchtime for this – if possible

·         Request the parent to come to school to administer the medicine – if possible

·         Agree a decision for medicines to be administered at school by a first aid person after appropriate forms have been completed


Staff involved in administering the medication will receive training, usually from their first aid training.


Accident Procedures


Should any incident involving an injury to a child take place, first aid will be given, if required one of our first aiders will be called to assist and follow the school procedures. If necessary, the school office will telephone for emergency assistance.


For every head injury, a parent will be informed by telephone.


We record in the school logbook all incidents involving injury, and in all cases we inform parents through a standard letter. Should a child be quite seriously hurt, we contact emergency services and then the parents through the emergency telephone number that we keep on file. We update these numbers annually.


Please let the school know as soon as possible if your details change.