St.Stephen's School

St Stephen’s School Parent Questionnaire 2019





My child is happy at this school.



My child feels safe and well cared for at school



My child makes good progress in this school.



I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress.



My child is taught well at this school.



This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.



This school is well led and managed.



This school responds well to any concerns I raise.



Would you recommend this school to another parent?





Quotes from the parent Survey


  • The facilities and teaching is second to none.
  • The school is well managed and always make parents aware of what’s going on.
  • Children are driven academically and taught values and life skills.
  • I’m lucky my child comes here.  Strongly recommend.  
  • Thank you for all your hard work and care, happy with my child’s progress and development.
  • School is brilliant coupled with the strong leadership; it’s gone from strength to strength.
  • Proud my child attends this school, the staff are consistently fantastic in their approach, care, support and encouragement, making good progress and the updates are clear and informative.
  • Proud of the school.
  • My child is very well looked after by her excellent teachers and Nursery provides her a safe and progressive space to grow.
  • My child communicates much better since going to Nursery.
  • I find this Nursery has helped my son create a great foundation for his early years learning.
  • My daughter has blossomed into a more confident and resilient little girl since starting in daycare. I feel she id being challenged according to her development.
  • St Stephen’s has not only helped my child learn. The Children’s Centre has shown a lot of care for the whole family unit and supported us through a very hard time.
  • You listen to parents if there are any concerns and give good feedback,
  • Thank you for being a great school, great staff, great Head teacher, great Deputies, thank you for working so hard to make our children’s future bright.



How would you like to see the school develop in the future?



What improvements we are making in response to the survey.

My child dislikes the lunch

Not enough choice on the menu

After consultation with the parents the menus were reviewed, trialled and implemented.

Packed lunch/can we provide a nutritional lunch from home

We pride ourselves in ensuring that every child receives a free, hot, balanced meal every day.

Home dinners for Year 5 and Year 6

There is the home dinner option on Friday for KS2.

Dinner plates not clean

This year we have ordered new timetables plates for KS2. We achieved 5 star rating from the food standards agency with regards hygiene.



What improvements we are making in response to the survey.

More daily homework

There are daily homework activities but please feel free to do additional work with your children at home. (See the school shop for additional resources.)

More written homework

In line with our drive to have happy, active and healthy children we encourage a balance of indoor and outdoor activities for homework.



What improvements we are making in response to the survey.

Use Parent Mail

We are currently looking into this option.

Use IT to communicate and set home work

All homework is published on the website weekly.

No newsletters, correspondence

Early years and KS1 receive a copy of the half termly newsletter, it is published on the website and there are hard copies in the school entrance for those parents who require a hard copy.

Letters should be given out earlier

The majority of school events are published in the HT newsletter half termly.



What improvements we are making in response to the survey.

More help with Maths and English

The school prides itself in having a broad and balanced curriculum covering a range of subjects.

What can I do at home to help?

Basic skills is at the heart of the school and daily reading and number skills practice supports this. 

More maths parents’ workshops so parents can help children

These are available in core year groups.



What improvements we are making in response to the survey.

Bullying issues awareness

We have an open door policy whereby pupils and parents can discuss any concerns they have. There are senior support staff/learning mentors available in each year group to support. We take accusations of bullying very seriously at St Stephen’s and concerns are dealt with swiftly.

More supervisors in the playground as children getting hurt

The new staggered break and lunch timings allow more space for children to play safely.



What improvements we are making in response to the survey.

Please arrange sports day after Ramadan

The dates of sports day are subject to availability from the venues

Allow Muslim pupils to fast

There are policies and procedures to support this if appropriate.  Please see a member of the leadership team if you require further clarity.



What improvements we are making in response to the survey.

Encourage children with medals and certificates on sports day-

We have a sports day assembly were these are presented.


It would be much appreciated if the seating and viewing during performances can be improved, performance should be on the stage so we can all see

We will endeavour to perform assemblies on the stage.


Questionnaire should be private, no names

This gives us the opportunity to contact parents regarding their comments to move the school forward together.

More after school clubs.


Please see new timetable or contact the front office for the new increased clubs timetable.

Other payment options other than cash

We are currently looking into options.