St.Stephen's School

St Stephen’s School Parent Questionnaire 2017/18



Please Tick



My child enjoys school.



My child is making progress in school because the teaching is good or better.



I feel that my child is safe and well cared for at school.



Behaviour in school is very good.



The school is well led and managed.



The school listens to children’s views.



The school is open and welcoming to the community.



The school seeks the views of parent/carers and takes account of their suggestions and concerns.




St. Stephen’s is proud to be the State Primary School of the Year. In your opinion, what contributed to this success?

Pure hard work from the Headteacher to staff and pupils.

Friendly staff & Deputies.

Support& Encouragement.

Teachers working hard with pupils

Well lead by Leadership.

Excellent leadership from the headteacher and her team.

Teaching staff are fantastic.


High Standards set. High expectations.

Everyone worked hard together.

Team work of Leadership, Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents.

School is well organized.

Teachers take feedback positively.

Teachers care and dedication to students.

Hard work of each and every employee.

Children getting the support they need.

Parents working with children at home.

Happy school environment. 

Excellent SATs results.

Friendly relationship between teachers and parents.

Early intervention for struggling students.

Teacher high expectations.

1-1 student support.

High standard of education.


Everyone is equal and sharing views.

Team effort.

 Inspirational and passionate teachers.

How would you like to be consulted on school matters?

Letters = 60

Email = 56

Face to face meetings = 49

Text message = 45

Newsletters = 21

Phone calls = 12

Post = 5

Group meetings/Forums = 5

Workshops = 4

Parent Mail=1

Outcomes from the 2017/18 questionnaire replies

  • 98.4% of parents believe that their children enjoy school
  • 98.7% of parents believe that their children are making good progress because of good or better teaching
  • 95.8% of parents feel that their child is safe and well cared for at school.
  • 97.4% of parents think that behaviour is good and 94% stated that the school is well led and managed
  • 93.3% of parents stated that the school listens to the children’s views
  • 93.5% of parents think that the school is open and welcoming to the community.
  • 90% of parents believe that parent/carer views are taken into account by the school

Quotes from the Parent Survey

‘Thank you for giving a good education and British values to my children.’

‘Thanks for a great start to school life and all the work that goes on behind the scenes.’

‘Well done to all the staff, you are hard working.’

‘Our school always gives us the opportunity to be part of lots of events, will miss the summer fayre.’

‘Proud to be part of the Number 1 School’

‘More power to the school.’

‘Be no: 1 forever.’

‘Open door policy, Head teacher and Deputies on gates are good.’

‘Privileged to part of this school.’

‘Children have good understanding of their rights.’

‘Parents go hand and hand in developing the children’s future’

‘Happy with wraparound, good for working parents.’

‘Well done for becoming a number 1 state primary.’

‘My children are privileged to part of this school.’ 


How would you like to see the school develop in the future?

Parents should not be charged for educational visits

The school subsidises events as much as possible but unfortunately educational visits will not be possible without parent contributions. Our bespoke educational visits programme is designed to enrich the children’s curriculum, enabling them to visit iconic landmarks and expose them to world class experiences.

More after school clubs.

Please see new timetable or contact the front office for the new increased clubs timetable.

Bring in own lunch

We pride ourselves in ensuring that every child receives a free, hot, balanced meal every day.

Parents should be consulted in regards to major changes

There are many opportunities to discuss school matters. We have an open door policy and year group parent consultations. Please see below for the attendance figures for last year.


Year group

Numbers attending


Year R

23 out of 90


Year 1

21 out of 90


Year 2

40 out of 90


Year 3

18 out of 90


Year 4

18 out of 60


Year 5

23 out of 60


Year 6

24 out of 60



Questionnaire should be private, no names

This gives us the opportunity to contact parents regarding their comments to move the school forward together.

Bring back daily homework

There are daily homework activities but please feel free to do additional work with your children at home. (See the school shop for additional resources.)

Need frequent updates on child’s progress and action plans

Every child receives 3 reports a year as well as the opportunity to speak to the class teacher on parents evening. Basic skill continues to be recorded at the back of the homework books for you to sign and monitor. The school will contact you if we feel additional action is needed.

Please consult parents and local mosque for religious matters

We have key parents who are linked with religious groups as well as the LA RE advisor who will be consulted on key matters.