St.Stephen's School

Junior Leadership Team

The St. Stephen's Junior Leadership Team (JLT) are the eldest pupils of our school, who are encouraged to apply for this role to the headteacher and the deputy headteachers. The JLT act as role models to the other pupils within the school. They lead on school events such as the one minute silence on Remembrance Day and parent assemblies. They also act as a voice for the pupils within the school, which is part of our UNICEF Rights Respecting ethos.

Please meet the Junior Leadership Team for this academic year.

?Neriah Williams - Head Girl
Dilpreet Singh - Head Boy

Aisha Amdavadi - Deputy Head Girl

Abdur-Rahman Islam - Deputy Head Boy

All about Neriah

Hi! My name is Neriah Williams and I am 11 years old.
I wanted to become head girl because I wanted to put suggestions forward to make our school even better (even though it's already amazing!!!)
I am the oldest out of my 4 younger siblings and my favourite hobbies are dancing, karate, swimming and reading.
I have had experience of being in student council in year 1 and I was a part of the Article 13 group in year 5 so I can use the skills I learnt here to help me as head girl.

Introducing Dilpreet

Hello! My name is Dilpree Singh and I am 10 years old and I am very proud to be head boy for St. Stephen's Primary School.
I have various hobbies such as art, reading comics and sports (football is my number 1 sport!)
I have a big and loving family which include my brother, sister, mum and dad.
When I grow up I want to become a goalkeeper and my role model is Cristiano Ronaldo because I love the way he plays. He shows collaboration and teamwork which is very important, especially in my role as head boy.

This is Aisha

Hello everyone! My name is Aisha Amdavadi and I am a happy and confident student from St. Stephen's.
My hobbies are wide ranging because I love football, sketching and reading.
It was a really good process applying for JLT because I had to write an application letter and then I had to have an interview, which made me feel excited but a bit nervous too!
I am so proud to be a member of JLT and I am proud to be a student at St. Stephen's Primary School.

Let's meet Abdur Rahman

Hello! My name is Abdur Rahman and I am honoured to be deputy head boy at St. Stephen's Primary School and would like, in these few sentences, to tell you a bit about myself.
I have lots of hobbies, like football, but my favourite would be reading.
I have quite a few subjects that I enjoy too like maths, science and PE to just name a few!
I also enjoy playing lego with my younger brother.
It truly is a privilege to be part of JLT and I will work hard to make sure I do this role well.
Thank you!

Neena and her leadership team are very much looking forward to working with JLT this year and are looking forward to seeing them help and develop the school.