St.Stephen's School

Green Street Library

Reading is a vital part of your child's education and should happen at home at least 15 minutes per day. Reading together improves literacy skills, memory and develops imagination. Your child's reading record gives ideas on how you can support this. If you wish to provide more books for your child to read, beyond that offered by the school, there are a number of options available to you. St. Stephen’s Primary run a Scholastic book fair twice a year. You can also spend time with your child at your local library and borrow books that interest them. Another option is to take your child to Newham Bookshop, situated on 745-747 Barking Road.

We maintain excellent links with our local library and endeavour to take every opportunity to engage with their reading programmes and resources. Green Street Library is a short walk from our school and all of our children are eligible for library cards. For further support with this, please speak to the English Co-ordinator.