St.Stephen's School

Curriculum Information

We hope you find the documents within our curriculum section uselful and informative. Should you need further information regarding the currciculum we are following, please contact the school office on who will direct your query to the appropriate member of staff.


PDF icon Primary Schooling

PDF icon Parents' Calculation Policy

PDF icon Number Formation Rhymes

PDF icon Seven aspects of Reading at St. Stephens

PDF icon Phonics Overview 

PDF icon Phonics Progression

Word Lists

PDF icon Reception

PDF icon Year 1

PDF icon Year 2

PDF icon Year 3

PDF icon Year 4

PDF icon Year 5

PDF icon Year 6

Information and Expectations

PDF iconReception

PDF iconYear 1

PDF iconYear 2

PDF iconYear 3

PDF iconYear 4

PDF iconYear 5

PDF iconYear 6