St.Stephen's School

Class 1EW

Welcome to 1EW. Our teacher is Eluned Williams and our EA is Jo Chang and you can find us in Room 6. This is a very exciting year as we will be working really hard on our phonics so that we can read many interesting stories to help us improve our language and use our imagination. It will also help us with our spelling, letter formation and punctuation when we write. Please read with us every day and at home so that we can become confident readers and writers. These skills will help us to be successful throughout our time at St. Stephen's and beyond!


In maths we will be learning about numbers to 100 and beyond. We will use 10 frames, Numicon and number lines to help us become more confident in adding and subtracting. One of our challenges is to know our number bonds to 10 and 20 so we will practise them until we are experts!

This year, as part of our educational visits we will be visiting the forest to observe the changes in seasons. Here we can make dens, collect sticks and squelch in the mud with our boots. We will also take a trip to watch the pantomime!

1EW is a class of kind, friendly children who are able to make sensible choices. We always try our best to produce neat handwriting and beautiful pictures in our books. We also love to sing our WE CARE song and learn about our rights and responsibilities as young citizens.