St.Stephen's School

Class 3DT

Welcome to 3DT!
Our class teacher is Donna
Treguer and you can find us in Room 10.

This year we will be learning about Ancient Egyptians, the Roman Empire and the Anglo
Saxons. We are aiming to try our best in all that we do, and work especially on our listening skills.

This year we are planning to visit London Zoo as well and taking part in whole school themed weeks.

Some of the areas we will focus on this year are achieving our pen license for joined up handwriting and improving our grammar. We are also working hard to ensure that we all know our timetables up to 12.

We are feeling excited about taking part in ‘healthy eating’ cooking classes at the end of each term. Some of the skills that we will be practising are: weighing, knife handling, kitchen hygiene and safety.

We are very excited about the busy year ahead.


3DT Class Charter

Each class at St. Stephen’s Primary School will complete a class charter, outlining agreements for members of the class and duty bearers (adults). All pupils are entitled to receive their rights. This class charter will form the basis of a display in class, be displayed on the class website page and also be used for class disciplinary matters.



Our definitions

Class Charter


To be safe, happy and healthy.

1.     We will make healthy food choices.

2.     We will use empathy to be supportive of each other’s feelings.


To share our views and listen to others.

1.     We will listen attentively to each other’s views.

2.     We will express ideas clearly and confidently.


To be polite and courteous at all times.

1.             We will greet everyone politely.

2.             We will use well-mannered language and gestures when talking to each other.


To aspire and achieve to our potential and beyond.

1.     We will take pride in every piece of work.

2.     We will try our best with everything we do.


To be respected, respect others, ourselves and our environment.

1.     We will keep the classroom  and school tidy.

2.     We will listen to each other’s opinions.


Everyone receives the same treatment. 

1.   We will treat boys and girls the same.

2.  We will support each other so that we can all succeed.