St.Stephen's School

Breadth of Study

Our Breadth of Study (Long Term Planning) reflects the National Curriculum requirements, as well as our local context (please see our curriculum vision statement). Teachers use the Breadth of Studies to map out medium and short term planning, ensuring that we provide immersive learning themes and experiences.

English Overviews Maths Overviews Science Overviews
Reception Reception Science at a Glance
Year 1 Year 1 Year 1
Year 2 Year 2 Year 2
Year 3 Year 3 Year 3
Year 4 Year 4 Year 4
Year 5 Year 5 Year 5
Year 6 Year 6 Year 6


Curriculum Overviews By Subject
History Geography Design & Technology Art & Design PSHE Religious Education Computing MFL:Spanish (KS2) Music PE
History at a glance Geography at a glance Design & Technology at a glance Art & Design at a glance PSHE at a glance Religious Education at a glance Computing at a glance MFL Spanish at a glance Music at a glance PE at a glance
History Progression Overview Geography Progression Overview Design & Technology Progression Overview Art & Design Progression Overview

PSHE Progression Overview


Religious Education Progression Overview Computing Progression Overview MFL Spanish Progression Overview Music Progression Overview PE Progression Overview


Whole School Knowledge Organisers
Me in My World Historical Periods Continents Settings Transformations Performing Arts