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At St Stephen’s we believe that good attendance is key to good attainment. Therefore, we encourage children to attend school every day unless they are not well enough. Extended holidays are not encouraged and will not be permitted if your child’s attendance is below the annual school target of 98%. We track attendance on a monthly basis and parents are notified if their child’s attendance drops below our monthly target figures. Should your child’s attendance drop below 90% for no acceptable reason or you take an extended holiday that has not been agreed by the school, you will be subject to a fine by the local authority. We thank you for your support on this matter.

If he/she is absent through illness please inform the school office before 9am.

All absences must be explained by the parent/guardian by phoning the school on the day of absence or by letter.

Leave Arrangements

At St Stephens we believe that it is of utmost importance that your child attends school every day. In exceptional circumstances, parents may request leave by completing a Leave Request Form. 

  • Permission must be sought from the Head Teacher if you wish to apply for extended holidays.
  • It is the school’s policy that pupils in Year 6 will not be given permission for an extended holiday.
  • If your child\children do not return to school on the date agreed by the school then there is a possibility that the school will be unable to keep his\her place open.
  • Only one extended holiday will be permitted in a 2 year period.

The local authority will issue penalty notice and fines where appropriate.


The school gates open at 8.15am and the school day begins at 8:45 am. It is important that your child arrives at school on time to avoid any disruption to lessons.

Good punctuality is essential for children to achieve their full educational potential.  It is also vital to form good habits for later life. 

We would ask parents to support us in maintaining good punctuality by:

·         Ensuring that their children get up in plenty of time to be ready and prepared for school. 

·         Ensuring their child has organised their bag and equipment the night before so that this does not delay departure in the morning.

·         Discussing any issues of lateness with staff to ensure this does not become a habit.