St.Stephen's School

The Hub

The Hub is a calm, friendly classroom that is accessed by a range of children across our school. It is a total communication environment, in which children are supported to develop their Speech and Language skills through strategies such as visual timetables, signalong, Core Vocabulary boards, Nursery rhymes, multi-sensory learning and many more. The adults in the Hub are Maryjane Winston (SENDCO) and Mina Patel (SEND Manager), supported by our wonderful team of experienced Educational Assistants. 

The Hub is also home to a range of Speech and Language groups, such as Box Clever, Attention Autism and Zones of Regulation. These groups support key pupils to overcome barriers by developing skills in small groups, including shared attention, social interaction and emotional self-regulation.

Every morning, we love to welcome everyone with our hello song and find out how we are all feeling and why. Whether we’re happy, excited, sad or angry, there is always someone to support us with strategies to help. Our visual timetable and morning routine also support us in knowing what to expect when we are in the hub.

Our movement breaks are so important and help us to develop very important gross motor skills as well as give us some much needed exercise. When we are not in the KS2 playground using the climbing wall and cycling on the bikes, we do a variety of exercises in the sensory garden.

We love story time and enjoy reading, sharing and acting out lots of stories!

One of our favourites is the Jungle Boogie where we shake like bears, slither like snakes and flap like birds as we set out on an adventure to find a big, brown bear! We explore the sensory garden feeling the swishy, swashy grass, splashing the water with our bare feet, stumbling over twigs and small branches, squishing clay in our fingers and exploring the freezing temperatures of ice! We also ensure we’re counting and sorting the animals to practise our maths skills too. We can sing, feel and talk about our favourite jungle adventure!

Throughout the year we will continue to be developing our basic skills and independence. Whether we’re getting dressed, brushing our teeth or making sandwiches, we will be doing as much as we can on our own.