St.Stephen's School

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Student Council Pupil Survey

What is the Pupil Survey?

The Student Council children visited every class in the school to survey every pupil in the school and to find out their views about how their experiences at St Stephens could be made even better. This process helps the school to fulfil Article 12 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child: every child has the right to give their opinion, and for adults to take it seriously.

The friendly Student Council members asked the children about a range of topics, such as their favourite subjects, whether they prefer to learn indoors or outdoors, whether they watch the news.

Excitingly, the Student Council children also had the opportunity to feedback their findings to the Leadership team, and discuss ideas for how they can use the children’s views.

What did they find out?

The survey revealed some interesting facts about the children, such as:

-The most popular subjects are PE, Art, Computing and STEM.

-40% of pupils prefer learning outdoors to learning indoors.

-Most children (around 70%) enjoy sports or arts and craft activities the most, more than board games or playing outside.

-Around 50% of children watch the news in school and 35% watch it at home.

-Some children suggested that they would be more active in school if people played more fairly.

-Obstacle courses and races and other games for playtimes.


As a result of the survey, the Student Council members have been working hard to generate ideas for how we can improve the school. To ensure children play fairly, and that no one feels alone in the playground, the Student Council are going to relaunch the friendship bench in the playground. They will change its position and take turns to help people. In addition, the teachers will set homework that ensures all children watch the news at home. Furthermore, we will spend some time buddying some key children lower down the school.