St.Stephen's School

Sports Ambassadors

Sports ambassadors are a role model and champion for PE and school sports. They support Coach Ray to promote the positive values of sport and healthy lifestyles.

Our sports ambassadors have been selected due to their hard work and determination within P.E. They show a good work ethic and leadership skills within their Physical Activity.

Their role will include a wide range of responsibilities such as, reminding children about their PE kits, leading warm ups during lessons, demonstrating skills with the teacher, making sure children are engaging in physical activity during play and lunch times and most importantly being a good role model and promoting physical activity within the school.

If you have any questions about our role, please come and find us outside, in the playground, garden or ball court.


Sports Ambassadors



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

RJM - Yunus Waseem


RLP - Halima Rameez


RNO - Serena Raja

1AG - Viyana Shaikh

Zayn Adam

1JR - Jalal Syed

Alishba Chowdhury

1SS - Kate Awotwi

Ubayd Urfan

2EW - Jinali Patel

Heruoy Tamene

2PM - Aleyan Rashid

Reanna Arora

2NB - Muhammad Uwais

Zia Bashir

3JC - Mustafa Miah

3DH -Zoya Jan

Malakai Thompson

3MK - Praapti Ghimire

Isa Bashir

4RF - Abdullah Saqib

Eilliyah Ali-Muhammed

4PC -Yusuf Ryan

Dhyana Patel

4LD - Ianis David Constantin

Aliyah Harif

5RM - Naitri Prajapati

Fateh Alam

5JL- Ismaeel Islam

Saphia Choplin

5EW - Manahil Afzaal

Yusuf Moosa

6AQ - Ali Waseem

Alishba Hotalwala

6CC - Mariam Qureshi

Abaan Rafiq

6AW - Eidi Hossian

Nabeel Rahumathullah