St.Stephen's School

School App


St. Stephen’s school app can support you in viewing the following key information: 

  • The most recent Head teacher newsletter
  • Holiday Dates
  • Homework 
  • Ofsted questionnaire link 
  • Parent Surveys
  • School menus 
  • Link to the school website 
  • Year 6 Secondary School applications
  • Timings of the school day

The app is also used for payments of school visits and wraparound care. 

Please follow the details below for instructions on how to download and access the school app.

School App Instructions

In order for the app to work for you, the school must have your email address and telephone number on our school system. Please go to the school office to give them this information if we do not have it. If your log on does not work, please inform the school office. If you keep trying, the system will lock you out for 24 hours. 

We are continually looking for ways to develop our school app further.