St.Stephen's School



Special Educational Needs and Disability

At St Stephen’s Primary School, all teachers are teachers of special educational needs and provision begins within the classroom. We set high expectations for both our pupils and our staff and providing a curriculum offer that is accessible to all is of paramount importance to our school ethos. Our SENDCo supports our staff in delivering high quality SEND teaching through 1:1 meetings, team teaching, specific pupil intervention and support with creating a range of concrete and visual resources to support pupils facing barriers to learning.

We have a federated SEND team. This has enabled us to ensure that pupils are receiving the best possible provision and support from the early stages in Nursery and Day care through to their transition from year 6 to Secondary School. Our team consists of:

Esther Williams - Assistant Head for Inclusion (Primary)

Janet Patterson - Deputy Head for Inclusion (Nursery)

Maryjane Winston - SENDCo

Mina Patel - SEND manager (Primary)

Michaela Wheatley - SEND manager (Nursery)

A federated team has allowed us to embed a range of dynamic intervention and enrichment provisions across the federation, which adapt and change following rigorous assessment, to meet the changing needs of our pupils. We have a range of interventions running across the federation, including NHS recommended specific Speech and Language interventions. We also run enrichment groups to support communication and social, emotional and mental health needs. In addition, our bespoke Hub provision provides specific curriculum based learning for those at very early stages of development.

Our SEND policy and SEND information report provide more detail on our SEND offer here at St Stephen’s. These can be found on our website under School Information > Inclusion.