St.Stephen's School

Piano and Percussion lessons

Piano and Drum lessons

At St. Stephen's Primary School, we are lucky enough to offer piano and drum lessons through Newham Academy of Music. Their outstanding piano and drum teacher James Green has been working in partnership with the school for many years and delivers piano and drum lessons of the highest standard. Children will receive lessons during the school day and can choose whether they have individual, pair or group lessons. James also runs a range of ensembles alongside these lessons that children can have the opportunity to be a part of once they are receiving lessons. There is a fee to be paid for these lessons per term, but this is subsidised by the school. For more information or to sign up, please visit the Newham Academy Music website at or contact them on 020 3598 6260.

This is an excellent opportunity and we encourage pupils to participate in this programme. James works closely alongside the choir and the various ensembles collaborate throughout the year, performing for pupils, parents and as part of community events. If you would like any support, please speak to the staff at the Primary School reception who will be happy to direct you to the various members of the Music team who can support you through this process.