St.Stephen's School


Priority Pupil Progress Performance (PPPP)

Each year, assessment data is used to identify a group of children who could be at risk of not making the expected progress due to a variety of factors. In Reception this is usually a group of 6 children and in all other year groups a group of 4 children.

These can be individual pupils or an identified group of pupils, for example, children of a certain gender, ethnicity etc, who are not making the expected progress.

These pupils are discussed in all pupil progress meetings and they are a focus for all adults in the classroom.

Parent meetings are set up to discuss and identify barriers to learning and routines at home. Learning packs are given to the children to complete in addition to year group tasks. These are marked and feedback given by the class teacher, senior support staff member or leadership member.

Interventions are set up to close the gaps in skills and knowledge; these are then tracked, assessed and monitored for maximum impact, ensuring that they remain dynamic and flexible in order to meet the ever changing needs of the children.

By identifying these barriers to learning and tracking strategies and systems in place, the aim is that these pupils will make accelerated progress throughout the year in order to make at least the expected progress by the end of the year.