St.Stephen's School

Year 6 visit to The Tower of London

tower of london viewSpectacular royal armour, dazzling crown jewels and harrowing execution tools awaited Year 6 during their visit to the Tower of London. Arriving as the doors to the Tower opened, our day began. Throughout the day, we visited many different sections of the Tower of London including the white tower where we learnt about ten centuries of Tower history. We were able to wear a gauntlet, lift a musket, draw a bow and handle a sword!


children on the tourWhen we entered the Crown Jewels exhibition, we were amazed by the size and beauty of the diamonds on display. We even saw the crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, which is set with 2,800 diamonds.

When it came to lunch time we decided to sit next to the Wakefield tower... some of us then realised that we were being carefully watched by the tower’s ravens. We were careful to keep our food to ourselves as ravens can bite... but luckily these seven decided to watch from afar.

We all learnt a lot from our experience at the tower and are presenting our discoveries within our creative curriculum books.