St.Stephen's School

Year 6 visit the library

On the 27th of September and 4th October, Year 6 went to visit Green Street Library. The aim of this visit was to introduce us to using the library card by ourselves and to help us learn more about Green Street Library too. The visit was very informative and fun, while also providing us with a memorable experience of going to the library with our friends and classmates. We were also taught library etiquette, which we were observed implementing in real life.  We all enjoyed choosing our favourite genres of books, or even trying a new and unfamiliar type that we usually wouldn’t have read. We even learnt a bit more about our classmates, like their favourite type of book and what they enjoy when it comes to reading. Some of us tried reading other people’s choice of books, or other people tried reading ours. In summary, the visit to the library provided us with a memorable, invaluable experience and taught us many things that we may need in the future.