St.Stephen's School

Year 6’s production report

Though the day was rainy and the sky gloomy, we were snug in the hall eagerly anticipating the year 6’s production: Moana. The entire school sat waiting, quite literally on the edges of their seats; everyone’s necks grew an extra inch; and all in attendance sat up straight, preparing to be entertained.

Wow. It certainly lived up to our expectations, and more. The audience were treated to all the major scenes from the film: Moana (wonderfully played by Hifza Amir) ventured to new islands to save her tribe; she courageously restored the heart of Tefiti to the Mother Island, while meeting trials and tribulations along the way: treacherous seas, evil coconuts and an angered fire god, named Teka. According to Na Dee-Dee’s (RRF), “Teka is the most frightening character in the whole of acting!”

The story of bravery is amplified by Maui’s hilarious antics, Teka’s rage, and a fun twist: dancing, music and fun! The songs ‘How far I’ll go’, ‘You’re welcome’ and ‘True colours’ are all included, along with blue-topped, amazing dancers. The year 6 production had ‘pizzazz’ and a flare for entertaining everyone who saw it, adults and children alike. The audience couldn’t help but sway and move their hips along to the beat, while the dancers twirled, their flower lei rising off their chest every time they thrust forward. Our jaws dropped multiple times as their well-choreographed dance moves appeared time and time again; these awe-striking performers had obviously spent countless hours practicing.

Sarah, the wonderful teacher of 6SR, told me and my colleague that the play created an air of unity and teamwork, because they had to socialise with each other to know their parts and get along. They were pushed out of their comfort zone in the rush to get their production ready, but they learned a calmer type of responsibility. She (Sarah) also notified us about how she was delighted to see the talent that all the children possessed fully on display. Her favourite part of helping with the play, she said, was getting the costumes ready. I, for one, can’t blame her: they looked fantastic!

In an exclusive interview with our Moana, Hifza revealed that she was quite embarrassed by having to laugh while playing with the silky, blue waves, although her favourite part was restoring the heart of Tefiti. Through fighting the Kakamora with her companion, Maui, and conquering Teka, she has encouraged us to face our fears and that nothing is impossible: a true heroine.

This heart-warming tale was acted with aplomb and with a quality of which you would only expect to see on a West End stage. Thank you, Year 6, for a thoroughly enjoyable performance. You will be missed!

Kareesa Webb