St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Sky Studios Visit

Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity of visiting Sky Studios to explore behind the scenes of digital media. Everyone was extremely excited about this, even though we had to be at school at 7:30am!

The journey to West London (Osterley) took a fair few hours, but it was all worth it once we had arrived. On arrival we were escorted through security and into the studios where four team members introduced us to the different areas and features of the studios. We were also briefed on our project for the day which was to create a News report! How exciting!

We worked in teams of seven in our own personal studio, equipped with lighting, cameras and monitors. Our first job was to assign everyone with a role: producer, director, reporter, actor. Next was the task of designing and formatting the news report, composing a script and ensuring smooth scene changes and interviews. The reporters then needed to choose suitable sophisticated outfits and rehearse their
script. Once everything was in place it was time for… lights…camera… action!

The report was a huge success and we all thoroughly enjoyed reviewing it at the end. We were even given our own personal copies on a USB drive. It was a brilliant start to life in year 6 and it will be a day we won’t forget easily!.