St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Junior Citizenship Visit

On Tuesday 23rd January all of year 6 went to the Tate and Lyle Junior citizenship Workshop. There we took part in six different workshops. The things that we had learnt in them were life lessons that we will need in secondary school and further on in life. 

The first workshop was about water and how you can save yourself from drowning. The thing that we learned was that if you cannot swim and if you are submerging underwater, raise one hand but do not wave it.

The second skill we did was how to save yourself from fire. The one thing we learned was if you have a wooden door, close it as you will be safe for 20 to 30 min and the firefighters will come within that time.

After that, we went on learning about gangs and learnt that they could be everywhere like being outside the chicken shop just to try and make you in debt. 

Next, we learned about the TFL and if you go into the train tracks there is hardly a chance of your survival as there are over 4000 volts. That is why you should stand behind the yellow line.

The fifth skill we learned about was online safety and whenever you get a mean comment online you should block them and tell a trusted adult.

Finally, the last thing we learned about was how you should not be drinking alcohol and any other intoxicants. We also learned that there are over 4000 chemicals in one packet of cigarette and the main chemical is called nicotine, which is what makes you addicted.