St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Immersive Writing: Poetry

This half term, each Year 6 class had a week of poetry writing with Chetan Patel (Assistant Head Teacher). The children worked on their understanding, and the use of metaphors, similes, the 5 senses and other poetic devices, as well as fun with haikus. They wrote a range of poems, performed them and here are a few examples of work produced.

The Senses of Emotion

It would taste like defeat

It would taste so bad but I can't resist it...

Eating and eating until I lose control

It tastes so spiky

Poking my taste buds


I touch it

It feels like a dark energy source

I can't resist touching it

Like a thousand polar bears biting my fingers

Like I've been rolled in a ball of Mt Everest


If I could hear it

Like hyenas feasting on my guts

I cover my ears

But it's irresistible

I can't stop hearing it


The smell is horrible

My face crumbles

Like shattering glass

As I breathe into it

It smells like soul crushing defeat

I'd love to crush it

But I am too weak to do so


Looks like earth 

But destroyed by battling kings

The more I stare at it

The more it takes over me

Heart shattered

I have no emotion left

Now it will corrupt me once and for all


By Mubarak Shehu (6NG)


Lock-Down Memories


Sleeping in everyday

Under the warm duvet

Peeping surreptitiously at my mother

Who was trying to wake my annoyed brother

Who wanted to stay there all day

Knowing that soon she was going to try and wake me up



Laughing and shouting

Playing and chasing

Spending time with my family

Sitting and talking

Eating cookies and snacks

Spending time with my family

Warm feeling of joy 

Bubbling inside me!


By Zainab Issufo (6RF)



Cute flying creature

On it's sleigh frosted by snow

Twitching its red nose


Blow out the candles

Then cut out a tasty slice

The flavour awaits


Colours in the sky

All shiny and radiant

Mixed with rain and sun


By Tazbi Hossain (6EH)