St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Greek Odyssey Parent Workshop


On Tuesday 28th November the whole of year 6 took part in the Greek Odyssey parent workshop.  This was an opportunity for our parents to come and spend time in our classrooms and see all the exciting things we do within our immersive curriculum.

We first started off with painting Greek God masks using the symbols of the 12 most powerful Gods. The three classes all took turns to paint the symbols on the mask . Everyone enjoyed it, as they all painted them wonderfully. The next workshop was about Greek Olympic sports.  This workshop was fun and exciting because we played games that were held in the ancient Olympics.  We played sports such as javelin, discus, long jump and racing. Last but not least, we took part in a class debate. Everyone first started by swapping seats with one another to warm up. After everyone was good to go, we started to get into our roles . It included the Boules, Metics, Athenian female and Athenian male. After that, the Boules took a vote on what to debate. Only Athenian male and Boules were allowed to vote.  In the end, we all voted  in favour of pineapple on a pizza.  Overall, we had a fantastic morning taking part in all three workshops.