St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Graduation

As the children in Year 6 prepare to leave St Stephen's Primary School, parents and carers joined us in congratulating the children during the Year 6 graduation ceremony which took place on Monday 21st July 2014. Many awards were given out including individual pupils whole year 100% attendance, best athletes, music awards and art awards.

Children were able to reflect back on their favourite memories, through one minute speeches, poetry recitals and they performed songs that they have loved previously.

Those who achieved Level 6 this academic year during the SATs were applauded and Rafsan Ahmed read out some of his Level 6 writing which was all about his future aspirations.

Neena Lall, the Head Teacher gave out the following Head Teacher awards:
The award for academic achievement was Keerthi Kadari.
The award for being an excellent role model went to Amrit Bal and Navin Nair.
And finally the award for determination and progress award was presented to Karan Ranmal.