St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Graduation 2023

On Monday, we were delighted to celebrate all the accomplishments of this year’s Year 6 students with our annual Graduation ceremony. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for Neena, Fozia, Georgia, Jenna and the Year 6 Team to share their fond memories of the children, express our pride in their accomplishments, and to thank all the parents for their support throughout the children’s time with us. 

We also heard from Ibrahim Qureshi and Eshal Ali who spoke passionately about their time at St Stephens.

During the ceremony we presented awards to children for a variety of achievements such as Sports, Technology and Future leader.  Below are some of the other awards which were handed to  

Pupil of the Year 

Nirmani Patel

Year 6 Headteacher Award for outstanding role model

Nova Nurul and Shahir Ali

Year 6 Headteacher Award for outstanding determination & progress

Deen Ali

Year 6 Headteacher Award for outstanding academic achievement

Prashil Ghimire


We are incredibly proud of all of our Year 6 class of 2023 and wish them all the best for the future.