St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Graduation 2022

Monday was not just a very warm day at St Stephens, but an incredibly exciting one too, as we celebrated all the accomplishments of this year’s Year 6 students with our annual Graduation ceremony. 

 It was a wonderful opportunity for Neena, Fozia, Georgia, Jenna and the Year 6 Team to share their fond memories of the children, express our pride in their accomplishments, and to thank all the parents for their incredible support throughout the children’s time with us. 

 We also heard from JLT who spoke passionately about their time at St Stephens, and two very moving speeches from Ali Ramzan and Anushka Vaid who have been with the school since Daycare!

 The children put on an excellent performance of two of their favourite songs from our recent production of Neverland. We even had the extra special treat of listening to our brilliant piano soloists; Shannon Olivia Purcell, Hafsa Saeed-Ahmed, Amani Mohammed, Neriah Williams and Anushka Vaid. 

 During the ceremony we presented the following awards to children, acknowledging their achievements both this year and across their time at St Stephens:


For achieving full marks in the Maths KS2 SATS

Umarah Ghauri 

Arya Patel 

Affan Khan 

Rajab Bin Hassan 

Hari Patel 


For achieving APS 120 in the Reading KS2 SATS

Aqsa Shahbaz

Umar Farooq 


For achieving full marks in the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling KS2 SATS

Amani Mohammed 

Aqsa Shahbaz 

Anushka Vaid 

Affan Khan 


Sports Award 

Gamaliel Atobamrere

Victory Oyetunji


Art Award

Araf Malik

Uzma Ferose


Music Award 

Rayhan Hotalwala

Shannon-Olivia Purcell


JLT Awards

Head Girl: Neriah Williams

Head Boy: Dilpreet Singh

Deputy Head Boy: Abdur-Rahman Islam

Deputy Head Girl: Aisha Amdavadi


Pupil of the Year 

Safa Ahmed 


Year 6 Headteacher Award for outstanding role model

Abdur Rahman Islam

Hajrah Alam


Year 6 Headteacher Award for outstanding determination & progress

Antonia Zaharia


Year 6 Headteacher Award for outstanding academic achievement

Ali Ramzan

Amani Mohammed

Anushka Vaid


We are incredibly proud of all of our Year 6 class of 2022 and wish them all the success for the future.