St.Stephen's School

Year 6 Fairlop Waters

Year 6 had the privilege of exploring outside the school and going to Fairlop to focus on our water based activity skills.  These skills included teamwork, listening and further  developing our confidence whilst facing a challenge. 

We first learned about buoyancy devices and how they assist in keeping us safe above water. The instructors also taught us how to hold our paddle correctly and which techniques to use if we wanted to turn left and right whilst rowing. The most important part about rowing is to listen to your teammates and work as a team. Otherwise, you do not get very far and end up going in circles or remaining stationary.

Many of us also had the opportunity to go sailing and learn about working in pairs and avoid being hit by the boon! The boon is the metal pole that shifts left and right depending on the direction the sailboat is going. We had to duck a lot! Once we adapted to this situation it was plain sailing from then on.

Our favourite activity as well as our most challenging, was creating our own raft which we eventually had to put on the water and with our team of ten try and paddle and stay on. All of our teams managed to create a balanced and stable raft which floated brilliantly. Many of us ended up falling off the raft and plunging into the water! There were a handful of us that managed to remain dry upon the raft.

This experience will always be a memorable one for us as we collaborated to build, steer and succeed at becoming masters of the water. We have also learnt that in order to accomplish a task you need to ensure that you listen carefully to instructions, attempt completing the task and to adapt where necessary.