St.Stephen's School

Year 5 visit to World War II play

Year 5 were lucky enough to have been invited to the theatre to see a play about a boy in World War II: ‘Where is Victor?’ We had been studying World War II and were looking forward to learning more. We travelled by tube to Redbridge Drama Centre and were immersed straight in the play. The sound effects were very impressive and the actors were too! We then had the opportunity to visit the World War II exhibition in the Drama Centre. We were excited to find one of the core texts we have been studying, ‘Rose Blanche’ and find other artefacts that we recognised like rationing books.

Afterwards we took part in poetry and art workshops. We spent time carefully writing and then sharing some of our poetry. After a very busy morning, we had a delicious packed lunch and headed home. It was certainly a trip that we will remember!