St.Stephen's School

Year 5 Sky visit

On Tuesday 26th January 2016, Year 5 embarked on the trip of a life-time: a visit to the sky skills studio. It was an early start (7:30am) and we battled the rush hour traffic to get to Osterley. A vast mega-media city waited for us. When we arrived we had a tour of the famous Sky Sports building and learnt many things about how it’s run. There are 3 floors: the filming floor, the editing floor and the broadcasting floor where they stream the ‘almost’ live TV. They have to allow a little delay in case things go wrong. Some people’s jobs is to sit and watch TV all day to check it’s alright; we thought that was an amazing job.

After our tour we visited the sky skills studio where we set out to make our own news broadcast about cyber-bullying. Luckily, we had already prepared our scripts and groups back at school and we were given our roles. Some people were producers, directors, camera operators, editors and some, like me, were presenters which meant they got to be on the screen for the broadcast. We were able to use the real sky equipment to make our broadcast and we had to work very closely as a team to make it happen. From this experience we learnt what it was like to make TV and it was more difficult than we first though but with sheer determination and top teamwork, we were all able to succeed.