St.Stephen's School

Year 5 Fairplay House

In March, Year 5 embarked on an enriching adventure to Fairplay House, diving into a whirlwind of exploration and discovery. From conquering the high ropes to delving into the depths of caves, each moment brimmed with excitement and learning.

As the children arrived, they eagerly embraced the challenges ahead. Some ventured into the forest, while others conquered their fears on the high ropes course. Amidst the adventure, they also learned the importance of independence, successfully making their own beds.

Throughout their stay, the students supported each other, building confidence and resilience with every challenge they faced. Under the expert guidance of the Fairplay House staff, they explored new skills and embraced the freedom of the outdoors.

As they bid farewell to this unforgettable experience, they carried with them cherished memories and valuable lessons that shaped their journey. Year 5 extends a heartfelt thank you to the staff at Fairplay House for making their trip so special!