St.Stephen's School

Year 5 Fairplay House Residential Visit

We had a really fantastic time at Fairplay House this year, learning new skills, having huge amounts of fun and making wonderful memories. The weather couldn’t have been better and the grounds of the house looked beautiful, carpeted with daffodils and wild flowers. The children arrived at the house with huge smiles on their faces and they remained there throughout the whole trip. Once we had unpacked and eaten lunch we started on the first of our four activities, either archery, orienteering, caving or high ropes. These activities tested the children’s resilience, independence, teamwork and perseverance.

They went out of their comfort zones, took risks and surprised themselves! It was a joy to see them supporting each other and collaborating, whether it was during an activity or whilst doing a job in the house such as setting the table, drying up or putting on a duvet cover. On the first evening we did a Night Walk, which was rather muddy, to say the least, but the children loved it and proved themselves to be excellent at map skills. The hot chocolate on their return was most welcome! There were laughs galore during the talent show on the second evening - who knew we had such an array of talents across the year group? Sadly, the visit whizzed by and our time at Fairplay House was over, but it was truly brilliant for both the children and the staff and an experience that will be treasured for a long time.