St.Stephen's School

Year 4 Swimming

swimming diary entry

Day 1

It was the first day back from the Christmas holidays and all of the Year 4’s were bustling around to get into the bus. We all huddled up together chattering all the way to the aquatics centre. Every child was excited and both classes raced toward our first swimming lesson. Nobody knew what to expect; everyone changed quite quickly then sat on a bench next to a large window that looked out on the big pool. We had six teachers who told us the three rules that we had to follow: no running, follow instructions and we had a test to see who was able to swim. Eventually we got into the pool, however, unfortunately the water was cold. The children who had never swum before were in James and Sharell’s groups. The children who were able to swim were in Alan and Naomi’s groups. At the aquatics centre the time flew and we were all glum on the way back to school because the first day was over.

Day 2

On the next day we did our daily routine, then we got into the pool and did our warm up. After our warm up a few of us went in the deep pool and we put our saftey jackets on. We then swam everywhere, practising how to kick our feet and push our arms through the water. The people who couldn’t swim before improved a lot. We all brought snacks for the journey back such as cereal bars and fruit, which was a good idea because we were all very hungry!

Day 3

On the third day some children who were able to swim did backstroke, however the less able swimmers carried on practising front crawl. Everyone wanted to swim faster energy but we had to all stay at the same pace. The more able swimmers were in the deep pool but the non-swimmers were still in the shallow pool. On the way to the bus everyone talked so much they don’t remember what they said.

Day 4

on the fourth day , it was raining so much we had to  put our hoods on. We all splashed  through the murky puddles and , finally in the bus, the driver went straight away without even letting anyone sit down on their seat!


To be continued…