St.Stephen's School

Year 4 Swimming - Session 1 Autumn term 2022

We have now finished our first 2 week block of swimming at the London Aquatic Centre in Stratford. We had to be at school by 7.45am because our lesson started at 9:00. The first day took us about an hour to get there, so we started walking to Romford Road to catch the bus. It was a longer walk, but it was a much more efficient journey.

On the first day, most of us were quite apprehensive as many of us had never been in a swimming pool before. We were put into groups of swimmers and non-swimmers and then started our learning. Over the 2 weeks children were moved up into different groups. By the end of the 2 weeks everybody had gained more confidence and skills in the water. Some of the beginner swimmers are now able to glide, and have started learning how to do the front crawl and backstroke. Some of our really confident swimmers even went into the deep end!

On our last day, we had a treat, as we saw the Great British diving team practising on the diving boards. It was amazing watching them dive from the high 10m diving board.

Our second block begins on 23rd January 2023 We are looking forward to possibly swimming the Olympic pool and developing our skills so that we can all swim 25m.