St.Stephen's School

Year 4 Science Museum Sleepover

Last weekend, Year 4 enjoyed an unforgettable night as we slept over in the Science Museum.  Clutching our sleeping bags, we gathered at school and waved goodbye to our parents before setting off on the underground. Once we arrived, we participated in an array of engaging workshops. We used our knowledge of electricity to build lanterns. We explored scientific artefacts throughout history in the treasure hunt. Moreover, we marvelled in real live animal show, which included animals such as: a giant land snail, a gecko and a terrifying tarantula. Some of us were courageous enough to touch the slithering snake!

After a refreshing night’s sleep, we watched a breath-taking 3D film; it immersed us in what life is like for astronauts in space, and warned us of the dangers of climate change. Furthermore, we had the privilege of getting hands on with circuits, lights and other scientific equipment in the museum’s brand new “wonder lab.” We witnessed lightning strike before our eyes.

Overall, we had a mind-blowing experience at the science museum, which left us excited to learn more about science next term. In addition, we learned to be more independent, as we helped each other on our first residential trip with school.