St.Stephen's School

Year 4 Science Museum Sleepover

On Saturday 9 th December, Year 4 (and some of Year 6) enjoyed an action-packed, mind-boggling, once in a lifetime opportunity, as they slept overnight amongst all the exhibitions at the Science Museum! The night was a great success; it encouraged the children both to ask ambitious, inquiring questions about science and to be more independent in looking after themselves.

Eagerly anticipating the night ahead, the children and teachers met at the school gates and waved goodbye to the parents before setting off to South Kensington. From the moment we arrived at the museum, we were engulfed in a plethora of exhilarating activities. For example, we constructed origami torches, which were lit by circuits. In addition, we witnessed a live animal show, which taught us about remarkable Fibonacci patterns that arise throughout the natural world. We were also immersed in 3D film all about micro-organisms and the awe-inspiring scientific processes that take place all around us but we aren’t able to see.

Although we came back to school feeling a little sleep-deprived, we returned to school with unforgettable memories. We are now excited to link our experiences back to our upcoming science topics on states of matter and habitats!