St.Stephen's School

Year 4 - Natural History Museum Volcanic Experience

On Thursday 30th November Year 4 were excited to continue exploring their learning about volcanoes and earthquakes with a  visit to the Natural History Museum. The trip was filled with hands-on activities, engaging workshops, and unforgettable moments that enhanced our understanding of Earth's geological wonders. 

During our ‘Emergency!’ Volcano workshop, students witnessed the mesmerising process of magma solidifying into rock and even encountered dragon glass, sparking awe and curiosity among the budding geologists. They also observed an erupting volcano and used a seismometer to measure the intensity of the eruption. 

In the earthquake exhibition, we braved an earthquake simulator replicating the Kome earthquake in Japan. The realistic simulation provided a real understanding of the impact of seismic activity, reinforcing our classroom lessons on Earth's tectonic movements. 

One of the most exciting moments was the ride on the escalator that took us through the centre of the Earth. Our students impressed museum staff and each other with their exceptional knowledge about tectonic plates and the layers of the Earth. It's heartening to see their passion for learning in action!

Thank you!