St.Stephen's School

Year 4 Digestion Project

Year 4 had a wonderful week learning all about their digestive systems.

We learnt lots of weird and wonderful facts about what is going on inside our bodies all day every day, without us even knowing!

Did you know that an adult's oesophagus is nearly the same length as the rulers we use in school?
How about that an adult's stomach can grow from the size of a tennis ball to the size of a football when it's full?
And how about that the small intestine isn't very small at all - It's over 6.5 metres long (that's the same length as our classrooms!)

We had lots of measuring to do when we made our life size models of the digestive system!

We also learnt a song and dance called "Everybody Poops!" and even went to Year 4's Medical University where we completed a module on the working digestive system. We followed the professors step by step instructions to learn how a simple 'chew' leads to a poo and everyone graduated with flying colours!