St.Stephen's School

Year 3 visit to the Museum of London

We visited the Museum of London as part of our topic on Romans. We set off from school excited and made our way to the underground. The journey was short yet we needed two different rail lines in order to get there. Once there, we were able to tour around the museum looking at the different galleries including ‘London before London’ and ‘Modern London.’ Afterwards we made our way to the Roman gallery – it was very informative! There were many artefacts for us to look at and miniature models that showed us what it would have been like in the Roman era. What really caught my eye, was the colossal wall that we could see from the gallery window. It was built during the Roman times, 2000 years ago and part of it still remains standing today. After lunch, we ventured into our Roman workshop. The focus of this was Roman costume and we each were given the opportunity to wear Roman clothes of both the rich and poor. We were incredibly fortunate that we were able to hold some Roman artefacts and look at them in much detail. One of these was a brooch worn by the rich Roman emperor. We learnt so much on our visit and it was the perfect way to conclude our Roman topic.