St.Stephen's School

Year 3 Roman Visitor

On ANTE DIEM VII KALENDAS MARTIAS MMXV (or February 23rd 2015) for the non-Latin speakers), Year 3

were visited by two people from the past, a Celt and a Roman.

They told us all about their lives in Celtic and Roman Britain, and showed us lots of objects that they used, some of which we couldn’t work out what they did!

In the morning, we learnt about life before the Romans in Britain and that it was especially tough to be a girl in Celtic Britain – the girls had to make everyone’s clothes! We also learnt that there were different groups of people all over Britain called tribes.

In the afternoon, a Roman soldier named Caius came to tell us all about being in the army and fighting the Celts. He showed us how to wear armour and we impressed him with our knowledge of Latin. We then had to follow Latin marching commands – we may use them in the playground as we were very good at remembering them!
We finished our afternoon by forming a testudo which means a shield made from shields and marching towards our enemies.

We learnt lots of interesting facts and will make sure we use them in our topic work.