St.Stephen's School

Year 2's Visit to Chalkwell Beach 2023

Year 2 have just experienced a truly wonderful and joyous day out at Chalkwell beach. Despite a stormy start to the morning, the children set off at 9 o’clock to Upton Park station just as the rain had stopped and the skies started to clear. The children were excited to travel on the tube and were eagerly awaiting the fast and scenic journey on the C2C train. After around a 30 minute train ride where the children chatted and played games such as eye spy, we finally reached our destination, Chalkwell beach. The children spent time building sandcastles and moats, digging for treasure, collecting shells and rocks, spotting different animals and digging holes big enough to fit them in! It was lovely to see the children share their buckets and spades with each other and play with a range of different children across the year group.

After a quick walk to wash our hands, every class sat down to a delicious lunch of tuna, egg or cheese sandwiches. This was followed by the long awaited ice cream, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Only one ice cream fell to the floor and this was quickly replaced. An overall success! To finish the day, the children spent a little more time playing together on the beach front before departing at around 1:30pm back to school. 

With ice cream down their front, sand in their shoes and wind swept hair, all the children travelled back with smiles on their faces, albeit being slightly exhausted!