St.Stephen's School

Year 2 Seaside Visit


Last week, Year 2, who were feeling elated with joy, went to the one and only Chalkwell Beach.

When we got on the bus, which was big and blue, we all quickly put on our seatbelts and set off to the beach. The bus ride was so fast that I could almost feel like I was flying. The bumps were quite fun. I saw wind turbines, which were really enormous and big, that were turning clockwise. I felt very bored on the bus, so Ashish told me jokes. I laughed and laughed until we got to see the cows!

Eventually, when we arrived at the beach we rushed out of the bus and walked a little futher. Chetan explained the rules and we tripped trapped down the stairs. We had a competition to see who could build the biggest sandcastle. The sand, which was really dry, didn't stick, but when we put water on it it stuck together! The boys and girls won. Next, we collected seaweed, shells, leaves and rocks for our Andy Goldsworthy art.

Afterwards, we had our packed lunch. My sandwich, which was cheese, was really delicious and yummy. I also had a tasty muffin and crisps. Next we went to the toilets, just in case anybody wanted to go.

Finally, we got on the bus and put our seatbelts on and set off back to school. Hazra fell asleep, just like me! I could hear the wind when I was sleeping.

The best part of the day was playing in the sand because it was so much fun!

Aaisha, 2A