St.Stephen's School

Year 2 Safari Day

child dress as a lionOn Thursday 14th February, we had our brilliant Safari Day! We dressed up as African animals or Safari leaders. In the morning, we showed each other our costumes and role played our animal or character. Some of the costumes included two giant elephants, one fierce, snapping crocodile, a kind lion and a group of nosy safari leaders who used their binoculars to spy on all the animals. Following this, we wrote our own story about being lost in an African jungle! Our stories were fantastic and we loved creating them.

In the afternoon, we learnt some African dance moves and working in groups we created our own dance routines. We really enjoyed learning these moves. Do you know any African dance moves? Would you like to learn some? Perhaps a member of Year 2 can show you some!

All of us in Year 2 are hoping that one day we can go on a real African adventure because we really enjoyed our Safari Day.