St.Stephen's School

Year 2 Forest Visit

With all our wonderful memories of visiting the forest in Reception, Year 2 were excited for their return to the woods to see how things had changed! Having received an official invitation to return to the forest, we enthusiastically put on our wellington boots, warmest coats, hats and scarves and were all set to go!

In the forest we were excellent nature detectives, searching for all the signs of winter. We took on the roles of both predator and prey in an exciting game where we learned some of the key skills animals who live in the forest need to survive! We enjoyed a wonderful forest picnic, completely undeterred by the rain. We created some wonderful forest pets for the little people who live in the wood and even built our own woodland den.

We all loved taking on the forest’s many challenges and obstacles; splashing in the many puddles; navigating the twisting trails and squelching in the mud. We can’t wait for our next visit!