St.Stephen's School

Year 1 parent workshop

Hello everyone.

This is Year 1 and we would like to say a huge thank you to all our parents and carers that attended our Parent Workshop. This was inspired by our visit to Wanstead Park as well as artwork by Van Gogh. We used a range of art media to create a large class collage. We created abstract patterns by using twigs, leaves and conkers that we had collected from the park. This made us aware that natural objects are great tools that we can use in printing and painting. We were lucky enough to have some of our parents teach us how to sew leaves by cutting out stencils from fabric. Many of us used straw, fabrics and various kinds of paper to create layers in our art piece. All in all we were extremely proud that we could produce a large piece of art with our parents and carers.

Do try some of the activities during the holidays and let the weather and nature inspire you.

Once again a big thank you.

Year 1 Team