St.Stephen's School

Year 1 Parents Assembly

On the morning of Thursday 20th October, the lights were on, the music playing, the frogs in position and it was time for the Year 1 performance. 

This half term, the Year 1 children have been working incredibly hard on their singing, dancing, and most importantly, speaking skills.  All this hard work resulted in a truly wonderful performance. 

They sang one of their favourite nursery rhymes all about the very famous Peter Rabbit and a pesky fly; showed off their counting skills using five very energetic green speckled frogs; and warmed the hearts of all in the room by letting their lights shine! 

They also shared some really important messages about the importance of nursery rhymes, reading every day, and believing in yourself! 

They have made both their teachers and parents immensely proud, and should be incredibly proud of themselves too. Well done Year 1.