St.Stephen's School

Year 1 Forest Visit

Year 1 Forest Visit

With all our wonderful memories of visiting the forest in Reception, Year 1 were so excited to return once more and see if it had changed. We put on our wellies and raincoats ready for a day of being outside in nature!

We heard all about the Little Villagers of the forest and promised to make sure we looked after the forest and all its residents - from the tiniest ants to the tallest trees. We took on the challenges of climbing the steep hills, crossing the logs to get safely across the stream, and of course navigating through the endless muddy puddles. 

Luckily our wishes came true and the sun shone down brightly enough for us to have a lovely woodland picnic all together by the duck pond. After we had finished the delicious sandwiches from Sue, we headed off to say hello to the horses who live in the forest. 

We can’t wait to visit the forest again soon!

 Here are some quotes from children about their experience:

The best part was when we got to explore because it was fun, it was like walking up a mountain.” - Sidney Jules

My favourite part was playing in the mud because I liked splashing in the puddles in my wellington boots.” - Ismaeel Ali