St.Stephen's School

Year 1 Forest Visit 

On Thursday Tuesday 19th March, Year 1 went on a school trip to the forest. We have been learning all about habitats in class, and so were really excited to go into a forest habitat!

We started our journey by taking public transport and found it thrilling to sit on the top deck of a double decker bus. When we got off the bus we then had to squelch through the mud to get to our final destination: Wanstead Forest. By the end, our wellies were caked in the gooey brown sludge. Our first task was to silently listen to the bird song. Because we heard lots of different sounds, we knew that we were surrounded by different types of birds.

We then went in search of microhabitats, which are small habitats. The first microhabitat we encountered was a pond. We saw white adult swans and brown baby swans. We also saw boy ducks with green heads and girl ducks with speckled brown backs. We even saw some tadpoles! 

Another microhabitat that we saw was a burrow and we speculated about what animal might be living in there! We looked at logs and guessed at which minibeasts might be living underneath it - but we didn’t roll it over so as not to disrupt this important habitat.

After a tasty sandwich lunch, we did some tree rubbing using paper and oil pastels. We even got to climb trees and swing from the monkey bars in the little playpark!

We had a truly fantastic day being outside in the fresh air and enjoying nature!