St.Stephen's School


The journey to the farm took 5-6 hours. Many children felt ill on the coach, and due to this, the teachers had to sort this out with plastic bags (it smelt really bad)!

When we arrived at the magnificent house, we were shown to our rooms and had our suitcases taken from us up to our room. In most of the rooms there were 8-10 beds, but the smallest room had 6 beds.

Every morning, before going out to work, we woke up at 6:30AM and went outside at 7AM. After coming back from work, all of us would gather in the dining hall for a morning feast. We would have a break for half an hour and would be able to hangout in either the noisy or quiet room.

The activities at the farm were: poultry, cows and sheep, donkeys and ponies, forest school, gardening and pigs. The most popular activity was donkeys and ponies, as everyone loved the two donkeys;    Applejack and Nedin.

Overall, this was a great experience for everyone in Year 6 because our level of independence and bravery has risen dramatically! Many pupils where terrified of the animals at first, but now they are best friends with the animals! Furthermore, the food here was great too!

                                   By Ismail – 6SR.