St.Stephen's School

Y5 War Museum

Last week, Year 5 had a fantastic day at the Imperial War Museum. We set off promptly at 9 o’clock and after 2 tubes and a short walk we made it to our destination. The children explored a range of expeditions where historical artefacts and videos  from both World War 1 and World War 2 were displayed. The children were mesmerised by the life size V1 And V2 German bombs as well as the gas masks, artillery and war time vehicles. 

During the day the children had the opportunity to work in groups of 3 to create documentaries. They thoroughly enjoyed taking turns to be a spokesperson, cameraman and director, learning many key facts along the way. A delicious lunch, prepared by our school cook Sue, was consumed and the nearby gardens were explored. 

To end the day the children had fun competing to try and collect as many stamps as possible on their scratch card, each stamp being awarded for locating a different soldier within the museum and understanding their story. By the time we reached back to the school, the children, albeit exhausted, were full of happy memories!